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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  March 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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his body chang good afternoon, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. his body changed dramatically
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and he suffered from road range. >> that testimony from barry bonds former mistress as the perjury trial enters the second week. sharon chen on how the prosecution tried to form the former slugger lied. sharon? >> reporter: frank and sidney, the testimony this morning has been dramatic at times. it sounded like a soap opera. this morning, in the perjury trial, barry bonds sat stone- faced avoiding eye contact with ex-girlfriend kimberly bell as she described her nine-year romance with him since 1994 and then to 2003, and a relationship that continued when he got married in 1998 to someone else. and testified in 1999, she asked him about a lump on his arm and he told her it was because he used steroids and it caused muscles and tendons to grow faster than his body could handle and the physical changes that happened at that time and his overall body grew dramatically and acne on his back and hair was falling off and he shaved it.
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and organs that changed sexual performance and bonds mental changes and increasingly aggressive, irritable, and agitative and almost violent and threat ton cut her head off and throw her in a ditch and cut off the breast implants he paid for her and then burning down the house he bought her. bell told her story many times on tv and radio with a nude playboy layout and a book on bonds steroid use. >> and there was another witness to show bonds lied about the steroid use. the equipment manager of the san francisco giants mike murphy says bonds hat size grew by an eighth of an inch and other giants hat sizes also grew, for example, willie mays and others. and bell was on the stand for 2 1/2 hours. after they take a lunch break, in not too long, it is quite
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possible she will continue on the stand this afternoon. so dramatic testimony here. >> sharon, thank you. in san francisco. we have breaking news in tibberon where a big rig dump struck has apparently slid into the bay. you can see it right there. these are live pictures from chopper 5. a channel 5 viewer tells us this just happened at tibberon boulevard near san rafael avenue. witnesses say that truck apparently lost its brakes while coming down the hill. no word yet of any injuries. but again, this is in tibberon. a man seriously hurt when his newspaper literally exploded in his hands, is in a solano county hospital this afternoon. a hidden pipe bomb went off when the man in his 80s packed up the sunday paper outside his vacaville home sunday morning. 40 home were evacuated in the area and police are warning people not to pick up newspapers or anything else
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that might be suspicious. and the victim had reportedly lost fingers and injuries to his leg but is expected to survive. the blast that injured him rocked the entire neighborhood. >> the explosion was really big. it wasn't a firecracker. it was a bomb. >> it rattled our house. my son's bedroom, it shook several times. >> police searched the area, did not find any other explosives. they are searching for suspects. and have no motive at this time. a state of emergency has been declared in san palo where homes are slipping on a rain- soaked hillside. several houses on hill crest and wimen have suffered damage as a result of land giving way. three homes have been yellow- tagged limiting access but city inspectors say while the soil is still moving those homes are not showing any new signs of cracking. capitola has declared a state of emergency also. after two flash floods in three days. water several feet deep gushing from a broken storm pipe saturday, and flowing through
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homes and businesses in capitola village. this was the second time this particular pipe failed. the latest flood left another huge mess behind. this was the scene earlier today as crews continue the long cleanup process. the weekend floods are catching many of the city's businesses at their most vulnerable, already devastated by the initial flooding. although the muddy roads reopened sunday, most of capitola shops remain closed. rolling carpeting and sandbags lined the downtown sidewalks. while emergency financial aid could soon be coming, some of those business owners wonder just how long the help will last. >> the red cross will help them for two weeks. what do they do after that? >> we are packing everything up and moving it out and setting up the rugs. everything has to be out of here. >> some shop owners fear they may not be able to reopen in capitola. it is too early to know the monetary cost of all of that damage. well, after two weeks of storms in el dorado county,
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heavy snow is piling up. >> and now, it is causing damage in the foothills there. nick james and the big concerns for some of the business owners, and nick joins us live with more. >> reporter: after a very close inspection, firefighters have given the all clear for the safeway and the nearby cvs pharmacy to reopen. both stores were shut down earlier over the same concern, a potential roof collapse. >> pretty crazy to see it completely empty like this. >> the note on safeway's door says sorry, we're closed by order of the el drady coun fire marshal. >> the only store in town. >> firefighters cleared some of the snow on the roofs last night. >> and we have probably taken 12, 15, 20-ton off that roof already. >> though safeway is now open, firefighters say some damage is done. cracks are reported in the sheet rock walls at the back of the store. >> one of the interior walls was compressed enough to make it so that you couldn't actually open one of the dairy doors, the cold cases where the
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dairy is in the back of the store. >> the culprit? literally tons of snow made gev yer by rain and firefighters say one cubic foot of snow can weigh 20 to 30 pounds and we're talking about tens of thousands of poundses on the roofs and the bowling alley here had its roof cave in saturday night. just as customers were told to get out. several other businesses, including the true value hardware had to close as well. >> i've been here 26 years. this is the third time in 26 years i had to shovel my roof. so that tells you it is quite a bit of snow. >> and locals know, there is only one true fix. >> haven't seen the sunshine in about five or six days or something. so it is good to see the sun come out. >> amen to that. that was nick james in pollock pines reporting. in japan, a new radio active concern that has crippled the nuclear power plant, plutonium has been found in soil outside the complex but the power company officials say it is a small amount and not a public health risk. meanwhile workers have found new pools of radio active water leaking from the complex. they suspect it is going into
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the ocean. crews are now removing the water before they can restore electricity to that plant's cooling system. and president obama will address the nation tonight to defend the mission in libya. coalition forces are striking moammar gadhafi's air defenses and ground forces. and that has helped rebels regain control over hundreds of miles along libya's coast. now, the white house is facing criticism for not consulting congress before getting involved in the mission. and not clearly defining the goals of the operation. it is not known if the president will lay out an exit strategy tonight. but the president's speech is set to begin at 4:30 p.m. and we will have it live right here on cbs 5. praying on couples -- preying on couples desperate for a child. >> twins. a boy and a girl. >> a boy and a girl. >> uh-huh. >> can you see the sonogram? >> an adoption scam targeting innocent parents. and the california couple caught in the middle. and a mystery at sea. a young woman vanishing on
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board a disney cruise ship. the phone call she made right before she disappeared. it is called facebook depression. the serious warning from doctors and the telltale signs. and blue skies. with mild temperatures, the story today. more significant warming is on the way. i have details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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"and she s an adoption scam targeting desperate couples including one right here from california. >> she sounded fantastic. she couldn't keep the babies because they couldn't afford it. >> but a cbs news undercover investigation revealed the expectant mother on the phone was actually a kansas city con artist. roxanne janelle jones. she would promise nem twins and then -- them twins and then ask the couples to cover the cost
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of her expenses. >> you got the sonogram so we can look at it? >> i don't have it. my doctor has them in the file. >> cbs news has learned that jones has performed the scam on multiple couples. you can watch the full report tonight, it is on the cbs evening news. an all-out search for a young crew member who suddenly vanished from a disney cruise ship. 24-year-old rebecca coreon disappeared cruising from l.a. when the disney wonder ship left cabos and someone saw her making a phone call to a friend but never showed up for work as part of the ship's youth program. >> we don't know. it is frightening to think about it really. >> that ship, which is 1,000 feet long, has been searched twice. u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy are also involved.
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coming up, what too much social media can do to teenagers and the new advice from doctors. plus, a royal wedding alert. who could try to steal the spotlight from prince william and kate middleton. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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doctors are now warning that t so could there be a dark side to using facebook? doctors are now warning that the social media site can have
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potentially harmful effects on teens' mental health. kit dough has the warning signs and advice for parents. >> reporter: when giovana mendosa started using facebook she noticed something peculiar. everyone's lives are just so happy and perfect. >> nobody really wants to broadcast what is sad or negative in their life. and so it is only going to be the positive that shows up on there. >> reporter: at 22 years old, with 424 friends, she knows better that the image on facebook is not always what it seems. today, the american academy of pediatrics released its updated report called "the impact of social media on children, adolescents and families" and the academy says there is a lot of social pressure on networks with the friend counts and photos, those who are already depressed or have low self esteem and use social media could actually get worse. >> kids are very dependent on each other for support, acceptance, and meeting ego
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needs, and feeling a part of, you know. they're trying to transfer their attachments from parents to peers. >> dr. elaine brady is a therapist in san jose and has expert advice. >> look for warning signs like skipping meals. sleep or homework. weight gain. or loss. or grades dropping. make sure kids understand the consequences of posting things online. set time limits. and do not allow computers in their bedrooms. and finally, know all of their log-ins and pass words. >> children deserve some degree of privacy. and yet the internet has such a large exposure that parents really can't afford to be ignorant of the information that children are releasing online. >> reporter: sharing in her friend's success on facebook motivates her to do well. >> i have a vision to travel. and so i have yet to see a lot of the word. and if i see friends that are going off on adventures, then, yes, i do, but it also encourages me, even more, to go
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out and accomplish it. >> reporter: and finally, perhaps the best tip. parents who do not yet have a facebook account, get one. and add your kid as a friend. in san jose, kit dough, cbs 5. facebook just sent us this statement, saying the recommendations for pediatricians rightfully acknowledge that helping kids navigate our internet- influenced world and create agriculture of respect, both online -- creating a culture of respect both online and offline, is a responsibility we all share. well, not many people are fans of this but with weather like this, it is reason to celebrate. >> we're watching the clock at 12:30, out the door and enjoying it. >> look at that. i caused my husband and asked him to play hooky so we can go for a bike ride this afternoon. take a look at the weather. blue skies. tons of sunshine. not too hot. nice and mild. an absolutely gorgeous day. let's talk about what is to come this afternoon with your
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planner. maybe you're heading out, playing hooky, have you good weather and keep in mind, later this afternoon, we will see breezy conditions kicking in, northwest winds at 15-20. the north west flow is helping to dry things out and clear out the clouds. we will see a few clouds make their way in later tonight and patchy fogs for inland locations because of a little weather system passing to the north. the good thing is we have high pressure out over the pacific. that is going to move inland over the next couple of days and warm things up. clear things out. before we get there unfortunately we have this weather maker. it will school scoot by over the top of this ridge and bring with it a few more clouds for tomorrow but most of us will stay dry and in fact i think any rain chances will be north of us at this point. temperatures today, nice and mild in the mid-50s and 62 in mountain view, and east bay, similar temperature range for you, and 65 walnut creek and concord, and 62 in almeda. and north bay, you have some fog this morning, and you will see more sunshine throughout the day today, and 64 petaluma, and 60 san rafael and 63 vallejo, as we move on throughout the week, a little
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bit of the same, increasing clouds for tuesday but plenty of sun wednesday, and warming to near 80 on thursday and i think we will flirt with some records these two days and then cooling friday, before we see the next chance of showers saturday. back to you. >> that was an 80, right? >> i will take your word for it. about a month to go before the big royal wedding and scotland yard is taking a close look at security now. as tina krause reports, after violent protests this weekend, there is concern about extremists crashing the party. >> millions will be watching when prince william and kate middleton get married. london police are warning anti- government thugs may try to steal the stage. officers arrested more than 200 violent protesters over the weekend. the anarchist group smashed store fronts and battled riot police. as hundreds of thousands marched against government spending cuts. scotland yard is now warning extremists may target the royal
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wedding. the city is spending $33 million on security. to make sure will and kate stay safe. and they don't run into the same trouble prince charles and camilla did last december, when protesters attacked their motorcade. >> it won't be a question of just looking at the whole thing but people must be prepared to be searched and a much, much heavier police presence than there was 30 years ago. >> reporter: scotland yard will deploy sharp shooters mingling with guests inside westminster abbey with snipers at key spots along the royal wedding route. >> plain clothes officer. you name it, this government and this nation can't get this wrong. the world and its eyes are on us. >> reporter: about 4 billion people are expected to watch will and kate tie the knot on tv. london is expecting a crowd of about 600,000 well-wishers. police say anyone looking to spoil the party will face the harshest consequences. in london, tina krause, cbs 5.
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a padded bra for an 8-year- old? the marketing campaign angering some parents. and six little numbers worth $312 million. the mega million winners, and where that lucky ticket was sold. all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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take a look at this price, between $1.49 a pound, some stores $1.99 and some stores as high as $3.99. check out. make sure it is green from top to bottom and squeaky. i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer with this week's best buy. a marketing campaign that some parents say is over the top. >> clothing company abercrombie and fitch is coming under fire for selling push-up bikinis for 8-year-olds. take a look. they're in the kid's spring collection. bikinis with padded bras. for girls between the ages of 8 and 14. >> and moms and child development experts are slamming abercrombie for sexualizing kids. so far the company is not talking but they're getting a lot of publicity that's for sure. what would you do if you struck it reach and we mean really rich. >> and we will find out today who hit the mega millions jackpot, $319 million.
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one winning ticket sold from albany new york at a convenience store. no one came out to claim the prize but seven i.t. workers are claiming to have bought the ticket. each will get $20 million after taxes. >> i will take it. that is it for the cbs 5 eyewitness news at noon. >> have a great afternoon. and we will see you again tomorrow at 4:30. and news again today at 5:00. enjoy. ,,,,
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